Our Facility

Our Mission

Treasure Valley Strength & Conditioning desires to open its doors to meet the physical fitness needs of the community by developing each member to their complete physical capability. Our aim is to create a strong community that builds each other up by joining together on a lifelong fitness journey. We want physical activity to reemerge as a vital aspect of life through promoting the physical fitness of all regardless of age, gender, race, or disability.

Our Values

  • Christian Values – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We value every individual and will treat you with dignity.
  • Community – We believe in the need for people and personal connections in our life. We value the family unit and desire to create an environment that reinforces our interdependence on one another.
  • Integrity – We hold all members to a standard of integrity when it comes to quality of movement. We value safety over ego.
  • Trust – We believe in being worthy of your trust. We aspire to be dependable and respectful of your time and body.
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