How to Join

  1. Initial Consultation

    Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with one of our coaches to determine the specifics related to your fitness. Do you have injuries, limitations, concerns? This is the time to clear the air and get you started on your fitness journey!

  2. Free Week

    Start at TVSC with a free week of classes! This gives you a chance to take part in class and see if our coaching works for you. The fun starts here! Come ready to sweat, give your full effort, and have fun.

  3. Fundamentals or Membership?

    Depending on your previous experience with strength and conditioning classes we may recommend you go through our fundamentals course. If you have prior experience and solid movement patterns you can enroll as a member. If not you will need to complete our fundamentals program before you can join our group classes. We base this decision on the skill and ability of each individual.

    consists of three 1 on 1 sessions where our skilled coaches will breakdown all the main movements seen in our regular group classes, helping you to understand how to move safe and effectively. Once complete you can join our group classes.

  4. Group Classes

    Whether you have taken fundamentals or already have a solid base of strength and conditioning training, the group classes is where the hard work pays off. Our hour long classes are designed to increase muscular and cardiovascular strength. Whether you want to improve your running, weight lifting, or overall fitness our Strength and Conditioning classes are the place to be!

  5. Beyond the Class

    Feel the need for extra training? TVSC offers personal training to elevate your training to the next level. Whether it’s a specific goal or movement you want to work on, personal training is effective as a compliment to or in lieu of our group classes.

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