Strength Class

Strength classes are an hour long class focused on developing muscular strength and endurance. Over the course of an hour a coach will lead you through a dynamic warmup, lifting session, and cool down. Strength classes focus on using barbells, dumbbells, sandbags, and more to increase your muscular strength. Each step of the way will be guided by your coach who will correct your movement, motivate, encourage, and demand your full effort. We strive to strike a balance between proven practices to increase your overall muscular strength in a fun group based environment.

Conditioning Class

Conditioning classes are an hour long focused on developing aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Over the course of an hour a coach will lead through a dynamic warmup, conditioning workout, and cool down. In Conditioning classes we will run, bike, row, use dumbbells, kettle bells, and many more forms of resistance to create intense and effective workouts that will increase your overall cardiovascular endurance. Come ready to sweat and dedicate your full effort in this action packed hour long class.


Fundamentals is our introductory course for anyone new to strength & conditioning classes. In your three 1 on 1 sessions our skilled coaches will lead you through our foundational movements that will be seen in our daily classes. These three classes will set you up for long term success and are built to make new members comfortable with using all the equipment and movements that are a part of strength and conditioning classes.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions are geared for the individual who wants more individualized attention given to their movement. Whether you are looking for a single session to polish up a difficult movement or you seek more personalized coaching, this is the answer for you. Personal sessions are scheduled individually with any of our coaches. Rates and specialties of our coaches are listed below.

Seth Conder – $50/hour

  • Weight Lifting
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Weight Loss
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