Personal Training

Looking to get more value out of your training? Personal training is a great option to get individualized coaching catered to your personal goals.

Do you have a specific goal you want to accomplish? Are you looking to learn how to lift, train for your first 5k, keep up with the grand kids, or test the limits of your strength? At Treasure Valley Strength & Conditioning we have the tools to help you accomplish your specific goals.

Having a goal is one thing, creating the plan and following through is another. Let our experienced coaches help you accomplish your next objective and hold you accountable.

  • First we create a detailed plan that guides each step of the training process.
  • Second you get detail oriented coaching that maximizes your training.
  • Third we emphasize moving properly to ensure your safety and to maximize the value of each movement you perform.
  • Finally we will motivate and hold you accountable to your goals. Everyone needs someone in their corner that is going to both encourage you and also push you out of your comfort zone.

Contact us today to get an initial consultation to see how we can help you crush your goals!