Sasquatch Barbell Club

What is Sasquatch Barbell Club?

Come train with Sasquatch!! If you are looking to become stronger mentally and physically, increase your barbell proficiency, or just lift join us! Weightlifting is a great compliment to ones fitness routine and can drastically improve one’s position, movement, and mechanics. We will spend time working on the Snatch, Clean & Jerk, and all the movements that are associated with them. Whether you have never touched a barbell or are a seasoned veteran, we can work with athletes of any ability and customize programming to fit the needs of the individual.

Who is Sasquatch Barbell Club?

Seth Conder is the Head coach of Sasquatch Barbell club. With five years of experience in coaching weightlifting, high school sports, and instructing Crossfit. Seth holds a USAW Level 2, a degree in physical education with an emphasis in physical fitness from Linfield College.

Why Sasquatch Barbell club?

State records, state championships, and athletes qualifying for national events are just a few of the things the coaching of Sasquatch Barbell has achieved, with more to come. If you are looking to be a national level lifter or just increase your current PR’s come lift and see what Sasquatch Barbell club is all about!


What others are saying about Sasquatch!

“I’ve been a part of sasquatch barbell club for a little over a year now and have seen major improvements across the board with my lifts, strength, and technique. This club has one of the best Olympic coaches/teachers in the area if your looking to improve or get into Olympic lifting I highly recommend checking out Sasquatch Barbell Club.”

– Terence Woods